Photographs By Moto, Foot or Vespa

Or how a race feels
By Neil Donnelly and Luke Batten

Documenting a race by Helicopter, Moto, Bicycle, Team Car, Foot, Vespa, Radio or by TV are the usual suspects for those that love to capture cycling. We suppose you could also add spectating by Boat, Horse, Wind Mill, Tractor, Bridge, and a typically Belgian way, atop your father’s shoulders. All of these are fine though we often capture the race by foot. A moto some day would be nice! Nevertheless, the Heroes are not so interested in capturing only the victors, though we would not give up a brilliant photo of Tom, Mark, Phillipe, or Fabian crossing the line, but we are often looking for a good photo to give a feel of the race. We think we may have it here. From Ghent-Wevelgem we have fixed cameras inches away from the peloton coming off of the kemmelberg and at the same time looking up and back, the spectators who rushed down from said Berg-tromping and pushing their way through burgeoning shrubs and bushes. Wind hit our cheeks and rustled the branches, and nervous we were!