Meet me in Montauk

By Alexa Daugherty

If I could add just one more conjunction to The Book of Laughter and Forgetting by Milan Kundera, it would be Loss. Unfortunately, I can’t even tell you if that premise is valid because the TSH copy of aforementioned read is well, lost.

Similarly lost: 90-some days between April and October 18, 2013, recorded in photos, writing, and design on (re: emphatically temporal).

But what’s not lost is the Tenspeed Hero mindset/spirit/approach to such erasure. Sure, we like showing you what we do. Moreover, we like involving you in what we do. And the blog helps us do that. It helps us capture and retell moments when Junior Girls raced, when we met new collaborators, and when we spent an afternoon photographing moccasins near a lakefront.

At the same time, we don’t depend on code – matrices of 0s and 1s that IT says was last saved at 2:42 am EST – to enjoy experiencing what we do. Because, yes there is memory. And yes, briefly we breathe in silent repose for those memories.

21 shots fired by twin boys in black tracksuits. One album made for her, forever ago. One cup of ramen raised in remembrance for our Grand Teton family.

But more than memory, there is us. Now. Here Present. Taking new photos. Writing new posts.

Living with – not in – the remembrance of past triumphs. In an Eternal Sunshine where erased commodities don’t mean erased feelings.

Through it all, we keep our experiences and our connections to you, beloved sock-sporting readers. Through it all, we keep living, never the same from one day to the next. Each day, we are new. Yet each day, we reshape who we are based on past experiences.

To embark upon Infinite forgetting requires infinite remembrance. April might as well have been yesterday.

(Note to All: The Missing Chunk of Blog is back up! But enjoy this brief post elucidating TSH neuroscience).