Who We Are

First and foremost, Tenspeed Hero is a way for us – two photographers + Professors named Luke Batten and Jonathan Sadler – to indulge and intersect two passions: cycling and art. Covertly – via stripes and kitty cat patterns – TSH is a means of identifying those who view cycling not as an extra-curricular, but as an extension of their already amazing, artful existences.

Technically, we are two friends/artists/photographers assisted by more than two designers/artists/writers/friends. We rely on these youths to help run all facets of TSH’s myriad endeavors. We hope their time in our studio (be it long or short) allows them enough experience to create a small nation (read life) out of friendship and love. This blog would be not very much without names like Samuel, Aleia, Alexa, Kendall, Becca, Lindsey, Joseph, Alex, Anne, Hannah, Maggie, and Ria. Avocado Toast and dollars will never be enough to say how much we value their contributions. From an online cycling journal to in your hands packaging, our team is constantly developing inspired content for our implausible empire.

Metaphysically, we’re the blue stripe on that one Ellsworth Kelly painting. Cinematically, if forced we would choose to watch Manhattan everyday. But we’re based in Chicago and have access to Netflix. Professionally, we don’t cut our teeth in the world of sports journalism, but are those who revel in life’s interconnections. We love how neuroscientist Oliver Sacks can inspire music-based films (The Music Never Stopped) and that David Byrne was so in love with cycling as to arrange a videopoem towards it. Life, like TSH, is all non sequitur.

Fancifully, we’re making real (y)our youthful dreams of being a tights n’ cape clad hero. Because some heroes are just the man at your local produce market always knowing you prefer Braeburn to Fuji or that athlete consistently waking at 5 a.m. to hit the trail by 5:30.

To ship + deliver to you that which we so carefully craft takes 3-5 days (Local) 7-12 days (International). Timing depends on several things: if you order during your lunch break or midnight snack, if the weather calls for shortsleeves or armwarmers, USPS, and us (p.s.). If you need something really fast, email us and we can set you up something fancy like Fed Ex.

If you accidentally ordered the wrong size (all those bike rides have you shedding lbs) we offer returns. Just ship back to us and we will ship your package toute suite. We also offer emails – but perhaps not in the same swift dexterity with which our modern age is so accustomed. To supplement waiting time on emails, take a gander at our Instagram or Facebook feeds. If you are in Chicago please visit us at our studio.

Upheld by innovation and teamwork, Tenspeed Hero is an outlet working to outfit your activity. We’re there to make sense of nonsense and aim to support the moment where daydream meets daytime in a collision of pavement and tires.

Lastly we would like to acknowledge Neil Donnelly and everything he does for TSH!