I Saw a Man in Pajamas…

“I saw a man in pajamas walk up to a tree, stop, regard it, and change his posture.”
Simone Forti

If we could borrow a line from the wonderful Simone Forti, it would be the one above. Lets say we Heroes hope to employ it as a philosophical buoy that moves with the currents and weather’s all storms be they perfect or long forecast. Lets also consider the line as an editorial cue for what we want to say in the New Year. As this year draws to a close we have been pondering what 2012 and quite frankly December will mean to this fanzine called Tenspeed Hero.

One thing we know is that we want to return to Europe catch up with Roger Lando, Lievan De Vos, Dean and Jelle, the Plume bike shop and all our friends in Ghent and Paris. Next year look for expanding coverage of long distance hiking, cooking with Jonathan Hero, cyclocross, snow trekking, fly fishing, and as much European Racing as we can fit into our schedules. This first of year-end galleries is a small inventory and a prompt of more to do. It also serves as the most convenient place to say thanks for all the Heroes out there that have given us their support!