In Brugge

Hero Headquarters at Die Keure Printing and Publishing

The Heroes often find themselves scheduling their activities around the cycling season. Today we are in Brugge at Die Keure Printing and Publishing working on a monograph by the artist Robert Heinecken. Our work at Die Keure will be done by Friday so we can catch the E3 Harelbeke and Sunday’s Ghent-Wevelgem. Lets just say the timing was perfect or rather we made it perfect.

Every hotel, every rented apartment, every living room floor becomes our Hero Headquarters and at Die Keure we are being given a little home away from home to proof the Blue Lines and check the colors of the book. There are three rooms and a bathroom, all quite simple, and it is here where you spend time while the printing process moves along at a shipbuilder’s pace. Here one can sleep, watch TV or work on other projects (Tenspeed Hero).

For those who love the printed book and all things ink and paper we want you to know a few things. At Die Keure a cup of coffee is always present to keep the Heroes focused, there is a DVD of Ratatouille next to the TV when boredom takes hold, and the Heroes are comforted to know the monumental book entitled Merckxissimo was printed on these very presses—a Hero Headquarters indeed.