Missed Connections: Pro Tour Edition

Dude in my hotel bathroom. Me peeing in a cup. You watching. You then take the cup away and send me a letter and tell me that everything is cool. See you tomorrow.

Me hands in the air. I feel like I am dreaming. Then an old Flandrian grabs me and starts rubbing me with dry towels, you…actually, you two, kissing me both at the same time….I am confused. Now shaking some dudes hand I am supposed to know, and another, and another, and another. No more girls, No more kissing. Back in the bus with the same old guys. Damn.

Me wearing world champion jersey. Riding shotgun for a bunch of dudes that would have been fine placing top ten in the 3 days of de panne. I’m fine, really I am fine. My agent is cool as well. All about the team…It’s all about the team.…it’s all about the team….it’s all about the…thank god for the tour of Switzerland!!!!

You coming out of the bathroom at Cache Cache. Me mumbling in your direction. Seriously. I mean I know you live here but Jesus Christ, I thought you would be picking your kids up from school in Texas or hanging with Robin Williams at your pad…you said “no one cares!” DUDE EVERYONE CARES!!!!