Barneys NY Gift For Neil Hero

The Tenspeed Heroes are, among other things, students of etiquette; as such we never miss an opportunity to bestow gifts on those who have contributed to our work, friendship and daily bread. For the inaugural year we will do our best to properly honor our friends and contributors and thereby introduce you to the people behind Tenspeed Hero. If it starts to smell like the employee of the month parking place—quite an idea in west loop of Chicago!—do not worry because our “employee parking space” is a bit more like the Oprah Winfrey Show, it bears gifts. The first thanks goes to Neil Donnelly, graphic designer and creator of this site. Neil operates out of Brooklyn and completed his MFA at Yale in Graphic design in 2009. Just take one look at his website and you will see why we love him. His work at Yale was simple, economic and so well considered that we were not surprised when we saw the results of his Art Direction for The New City Reader, a weekly newspaper produced at the New Museum. What gift for Neil, a man who lives in the compact world of NYC? A tough question, but the Tenspeed Heroes, being a sartorial lot, (with periods of dirt under our nails and horse shit under our soles) we headed down to Barney’s NY and picked up Neil two simple thank you gifts. First: a tie, and perfect timing too with father’s day being so near. The Barney’s tie is Dark Navy Blue has these nice little trees accented in teal and peach. In our imagination we can see Neil pedaling his commuter bike, tie complementing his APC suit, and most likely whistling some Andrew Bird tune. What will separate him from all the other graphic designers whistling Andrew Bird and pedaling across the Williamsburg Bridge are some hand stitched blue boxers underneath whatever pants he chooses for the day. The gifts are in the mail.