Small Reporting From Belgium + France

On Wednesday, during the 2013 Schelderprijs, Thor Hushovd was spotted riding the wrong direction amongst a Junior Kermesse near Bailleul Estaimpuis, Belgium. The “Manx Missile”, Mark Cavendish, channeling his inner Robbie McEwan, does not like his bike touched by children before the Schelderprijs and is not afraid to scold and shoo them away. Photographer Emily Maye was spotted at Café Den Turk in Gent drinking a beer with her Mother. Sparks flew from a Team Sky Jaguar’s undercarriage in Northern France when it hit a speed bump. During a heated moment of Paris Roubaix rocks flew up from a Race official’s car wheel hitting a journeyman photographer’s lens and his rather large belly. It was also noticed Thor’s hair is not as blonde as it is in July but neither was Matti Breschel’s. And amazingly, Geraint Thomas’s dusty jersey did not appear to have any noticeable tears after two crashes during the most beautiful race in the year, Paris-Roubaix, which was won by the one and only Fabian Cancellara.

Partial photographic evidence of these events is provided below

Images by Isaiah Jay, Patrick Kenny and Luke Batten