Some Place Called Belgium III

Sponsored by Chris King

Images by Luke Batten

Jan Goessens Raced for Lotto-Eddy Merckx, Weinmann-Eddy Merckx, GB-MB Maglificio, and Collstrop from 1986-1993. He had some beautiful moments on the bike. Among some first placings and multiple podiums he was second at the 1988 Paris-Tours. In 2012, the Tenspeed Heroes find him assisting his son Dean Goessens and Nicolas Van Der Hoeven as they tackle their first year on the Junior circuit. For every race jan massages pre-race legs down with oil, checks tire pressure, checks the lap times and when the race is finished he washes the the dirt and grime from the tired boys legs. As Dean and Nicolas turn in their numbers he leads us to the cafe and buys us drinks from the bar. Repeat these moments 45 times a year and you have a season. Jan Goessens is our guide to racing as he is for Dean and Nicolas; a better man cannot be found.