We did not really mean for it to happen but buying jerseys, socks, water bottles, t-shirts, arm warmers etc at Tenspeed Hero has become akin to the secret menu at In-N-Out burger. People send us emails for things they know exist but do not appear in our store and then we correspond over several emails before they finally get a Paypal invoice. Efficient no, but we must admit it has been awesome connecting this way with fellow Heroes in the world. We are not reluctant capitalists by any means its just that we have been building a new web store because our current set-up is the glitchiest of the glitch and everyone raves about Shopify so it took us a little time to get this mom and pop blog going with this awesome format. In the coming days we are going to shut our current store and by February 1st we will be launching the new TSH store in all of its glory. Things to look forward to in the new store are new jersey + bottle + sock + cap designs from Mr. Neil Donnelly, Illustrations by Becca Goesling, Photographs from the Hero Photographic Crew, and a Tenspeed Hero book to name just a few. This fanzine will march along as always with news from Belgium, Winter Riding and some snappy photography. We must say thanks for keeping us alive and sending us lots of love (this means you Devon Powell), Luke, Jonathan, Becca, Anne, Mary, Todd, and Neil wish you all a Happy New Year!