Someplace called belgium

At the Grand Prix Irenee Minet Bike Race in Callenelle with the Heroes. We are here to watch a few teenage Flemish Heroes from Ninove. “Is it a big race for Juniors?” we ask. The answer is “not so much, but it is a race.” No matter, it was a stupid question, of course we will be there. This is why we came to Belgium.

We started off the day in Antwerp to catch the start of the Scheldeprijs but as soon as the race starts we quickly head south to Wallonia. Walking through Callenelle, we do not see our friends, Dean or Nicolas, but we see a mother laughing with her son while she rubs embrocation onto her young racer’s legs. Near the church a father is doing the same thing. A brother of one of the racers checks some tire pressure. Back pockets are stuffed full of snacks.

Mothers, Fathers, Aunts, Uncles, Grandmas, Grandpas, Sisters, and Brothers head out on the course with spare wheels, water bottles and snacks. The race today is 88 Kilometers. There is a pace car, the peloton, a follow car, and when there is a moment of all clear, a tractor makes its way across the route. six minutes later the peloton comes cruising through.

We catch a view of Dean and Nicholas. We holler encouragement. We have more to say about this day but below we post a six image gallery that shows the family side of Junior Racing in Belgium.