Thor Hushovd Wins Stage Thirteen of the 2011 TDF

Stage 13-152.5 km
Pau to Lourdes

“MAN ON THE MOON” The most newsworthy events often bring the simplest headlines, but you may know by now that The Heroes do not bring news; The Heroes bring you the great moments of life as they unfold before your very eyes. We were there for your first soccer game, we held your hand at prom, we watched you tie the knot, we saw the birth of your children, and now we have shared another life-changing event: Thor Hushovd has won a mountain stage of the Tour de France.

Our blind devotion to this man is no secret. Before the World Champion Stripes and hopeful prospects for the Spring Classics, there was Thor the Time Trialist, Thor the Sprinter, Thor the boy who sells potatoes, Thor the man who eats meatballs in his parent’s RV at the Tour de France. Put simply, we like his vibe. We cannot forget though that his gentle smile is only a sweet topping for the god-like hammers hidden in both of his legs.

Today Thor tested those legs as he attacked a ten-man break at the base of the Col d’Aubisque sending this once sprinter into unfamiliar territory. After finding his own rhythm, a single great rainbow could be seen in the Pyrennes as Thor crested the viscous Aubisque in third place. Relying on superior descending skills and raw power in the flats, Hushovd slowly caught his prey, reeling in David Moncoutie and eventually Jeremy Roy in the last kilometers of the race. In three hours and forty-seven minutes he crossed the finish line alone and history was made; the new headline: World Champion Thor Hushovd has claimed a stage in the Pyrenees.

We do however know that empathy is the great gift of men and as right-minded Heroes, we cannot help but throw a double chest tap to Jerome Roy. His efforts were valiant as the Française des Jeux rider conquered today’s climb and claimed the King of the Mountain jersey. At this tour though, it seems as if with Polka Dots also come broken hearts. We feel for you.

Norwegians and Heroes will celebrate tonight, but the rest of the peloton will need their sleep for tomorrow brings the Plateau de Beille. History lesson maxim: he who has won the Plateau has always gone on to win The Tour.