What I Learned as a Tenspeed Hero Intern

By Hannah Hero

1. Heroes can talk for nearly as long about cycling gear as they can about cycling poster design of the 1930s and ‘40s.
2. When Mark Cavendish* (or Phillipe Gilbert, or Alberto Contador) attacks another cyclist, there are no punches thrown.
3. There is a BIG difference between Shimano brakes, and SRAM brakes. I have no idea what that difference is, but it is big.
4. Cycling girlfriends love Andy; their boyfriends love Thor.
5. Having a half hour discussion about leg shaving techniques with a guy actually does happen sometimes; and it’s adorable.
6. Road cleats clomping around wooden floors are surprisingly hilarious.
7. Linus bikes are beautiful, and I want one.
8. Anyone would look good in world champion colors!
9. Cycling gods are all about social networking; most of them are active and enjoyable on the twitter.
10. Luxembourg is totally still a country.
11. Peugeots aren’t just cute European cars, they’re also cute European bikes.
12. If you send Luke Hero and Jon Hero to France to cover the Tour, you will get a lot of pictures of cute dogs. And hedgehogs.
13. A bike doesn’t need wheels to still be a bike (or at least to be worth buying on eBay).
14. There’s nothing like mozzarella and vinaigrette for a delicious (and healthy) lunch.
15. There are bikes, and then there are real bikes. (I’m just guessing here, but I have a feeling my beloved childhood purple-and-rainbow banana-seat bike does not fall into the latter category.)
16. Andy and Frank (or as we like to think of them, the Fab Two) are at their best on twitter when their English is at it’s shakiest.
17. I’ve missed my true calling, and will soon be signing up for the class “Kisses and Stuffed Lions: How to Reach Your Potential as a Tour-Stage-Win Girl.”
18. Heroes wear wool, funny pants, and Oxford collars.

*What did I learn as a TSH intern? Every single name in this list.