Tenspeed Hero Intern: Anne Wessel

You may have noticed Anne Wessel from a few days ago when she modeled our logo shield for 2013. It was a typical Hero moment. Anne attends the University of Illinois and as a cycling and TSH fan she asked if she could drop by the studio on a visit to Chicago. As the day got closer we realized lets just have her work for us because we are so behind and our studio was looking like a mess. She said yes so we asked if she could spend a few hours a week helping us figure out 2013. We are so excited to work with her for the next few months! She can draw! Make us Laugh! and is from a town called Teutopolis! And we are lucky she dropped by one autumn day! Let the Intern interview begin! Welcome Anne!

TSH: Who are you?

Intern: Hi, I’m Anne Wessel. I am an undergraduate studying Industrial Design at UIUC. I like to walk on my feet, but I can walk on my hands, too.

TSH: Why Industrial Design?

Intern: I like math, entrepreneurship, business, and art. ID is a little bit of everything. Maybe one day I’ll know a little enough about everything to be dangerous. I’m getting there.

TSH: How did you become interested in working for Tenspeed Hero?

Intern: I secretly didn’t know a lot about the cycling world, so I started reading TSH to learn first. It has a very attractive, alluring spirit. I wasn’t sure how design could contribute, so I was a silent observer in the beginning. I hope to be more.

TSH: We hear you ride?

Intern: I have a mustard yellow, red, and white single-speed. I got it after I borrowed a friend’s bike during a summer tour in Eastern Europe. Before that trip, I hadn’t thought a lick about riding. Now, I’m not sure why I didn’t know about this culture sooner.

TSH: I wanted to ask a “Capezio, Bloch or Grishko?”-esque question until I remembered this is a cycling blog so how about this: Thoughts about the Time ZXRS?

Intern: It’s a pretty one.

TSH: You are from Teutopolis which is in the middle of Illinois. Tell us what is great about the middle of Illinois.

Intern: You said and spelled it right. High five. What’s great? There is absolutely nothing higher than about 5 stories within 1.5 hours in any direction (unless it’s a silo), and I like it that way. There’s a gritty, but very wholesome and humble tradition of community in small towns.

TSH: Are camelbacks a little nerdy or are they cool?

Intern: Definitely a bit nerdy, but I like nerdy.

TSH: Coffee or Tea?

Intern: Pre-Industrial design, I wrinkled my nose at the taste of black liquid. Oh, I was wrong. Coffee, final answer.

TSH: Do you believe in passing the torch or making someone find the torch? 

Intern: It would make me too nervous to hide a flaming torch, so I would initially say pass it. But I like challenges too much, so let’s hide it.

TSH: Climbing Mountains or Riding Along the Coast or on the flat lands of the Midwest?

Intern: Along the Adriatic sea in Italy, again please.