Tenspeed Hero Intern: Becca Goesling

The Tenspeed Hero Intern program has a new introduction to make. Welcome Becca Goesling to TSH headquarters. As a student of Industrial design Becca’s charge for the summer is to stare into the history of the carbon fiber bicycle, from the simple tubing designs of yesteryear and the baroque finishes of the latest Pinarello Dogma. She will also will be laying out our plan of attack on our coverage for the Tour de France and new products for 2013. She is smart, funny, detail oriented, loves cats and we are glad to have her around for the summer!

TSH: Who are you?

Intern: Hi, I’m Becca Goesling, Industrial Design undergrad at University of Illinois. I am also currently befriending a small grey cat, which I think will become a critical part of my life.

TSH: Why are you studying Industrial Design?

Intern: I became interested in ID when I read a book by John Maeda (The Laws of Simplicity). It is everything I love in one job: color coding, lamps, problem solving, excessive research, sketching and Adobe Illustrator. 

TSH:Do you have an irrational fear of only designing normal objects like toilets or refrigerators or is there some untold drama
about designing everyday appliances?

Intern: I would say that fear started when the International Housewares Association Student Competition stole my soul. 

TSH: If you could hold the endurance record for swimming across the ocean or walking across Africa what would it be? 

Intern: I would definitely prefer swimming across the ocean. Being warm makes me nervous and schvitzy. 

TSH: Oh yeah, why do you want to work for Tenspeed Hero?

Intern: I hear it is like doing mental jumping jacks. And I want to hang out with Sister, the dog.

TSH: In the history of industrial design, where does the bicycle stack up?

Intern: It is pretty high up there. My professor in Italy would definitely support the bicycle as one of the greatest industrial creations.

TSH: Name three vegetables you like to eat with salt?

Intern: I mostly just eat fruit with salt (watermelon, corn, tomato).

TSH: What is the best thing about Chicago?

Intern: I really love the 15th floor of the Merchandise Mart as well as the room of chairs in the Art Institute of Chicago Museum.

TSH: Your feelings on the loss of Maurice Sendak?

Intern: It is incredibly sad, Where The Wild Things Are and the Carol stuffed animal were pretty influential on my childhood. Mom and I were talking about an interview by Sendak recently in which he talked about his last book. It isn’t a children’s book but he said it was his favorite piece he created. I think I’ll buy that this week.

Intern: Where do you usually go to buy your shoes? The grey and orange ones yesterday were great.

TSH: Addidas Store or the Barney’s winter sale! You cannot beat 70% off