Tenspeed Hero Manifesto

There has to be something more to cycling than victories, Tom Boonen’s quads, the monuments, the Tour de France, etc., etc., etc. And the gear. Oh the gear.

There must be something about flat tires, losing by a wheel, new bar tape, wind in your face, and watching a podium girl get in a car and drive away.

Do not forget Thor’s smile, Tyler’s hair, Flemish boys named Jelle and Dean, stuck seat-posts, tattered Zinn repair manuals, pithy bloggers and pithier comments, frites, loaners, broken chains, false flats, ebay surfing, Campy, Sram, and Shimano.

There must be something about coasting, downhills, and Flemish college students wearing black nylons with short skirts riding the cobbles to school and the great Marianne Vos who rides all year long like Eddy Merckx.

There must be something more because it is never enough.