Tenspeed Hero Patches For the Family

La Girafe Sportive, Tenspeed Hero Emblem, and SMIL

When the Tenspeed Heroes were little punk rockers back in the early 90’s we wanted an Operation Ivy patch but to be honest we did not feel that cool or punk rock enough to have one sewn on our jacket. Northern California was not the province of sunshine and wheatgrass juice but a backwater of dirty couches, cloudy days and wheat-grass juice. It was punk, hippy, and queer, much like Tenspeed Hero. Think of this fanzine like a band in the spirit of The Headcoattees, Bongwater, The MummysCrimpshrine, The Queers, and The Pansy Division. Do not be afraid: you are cool enough. If you are curious what SMIL is read Here.