Tenspeed Hero returns with our Summer Build in what is has become a Late-Summer Build. At present the bicycle is at Method Bicycle in the loving hands of frame builder Garry Alderman. There it awaits bar tape, Campagnolo, etc etc. etc. We will discuss these decisions in time. We photographed the simple and elegant Time VXS on a table of white in a room of white walls (photos to come). At the last minute we laid the bicycle down on its side so it would not inadvertently fall over. Sitting at his desk, Jonathan Hero noticed the abstract order/chaos of the machine so he re-mounted the camera to the Gitzo tripod and took one last photo. From this vantage point, function, Time branding and owners manual graphics are absent. A pile of bent, disoriented, arched carbon tubes remains-its purpose inert. We are reminded of Matthew Barney’s Cremaster Series, in particular the opening scene of crewmaster 2 of the upside down saddle. Barney’s camera slowly considers segmented elements of the saddle, building the studded leather contraption into something more fantastic than the masculine object of the American West.