Kristin Wins Gold

Living in Boise, Idaho has given Jonathan Hero, me, a unique perspective on the accomplishments of hometown hero Kristin Armstrong. But, and this is an important distinction, the preceding sentence is only true in the sense that he, me, lives in the same town as Armstrong. Once about two years ago Jonathan rode his bike with Kristin’s husband. All he, me, knew was that there were two strong men and one was married to Armstrong. He, that would be I, was not sure which tall strong man it was but it was surely a life changing experience. Jonathan would also like to mention that he once knew a girl who walked her dog Freckles in Central Park with Kevin Bacon who is also sometimes called “Freckles.”

A couple months ago a pair of Heroes watched Kristin Armstrong in the prologue of the Exergy Tour here in Boise. Unfortunately, she sat out the rest of the race due to an unfortunate crash that resulted in an unfortunate collarbone brake. But fortune favors the bold and Kristin did not despair (long) for she was back on the bike in a matter of days. Fortune soon found her in London…

where a couple of days ago she won her second Gold Medal in the Olympic Time Trial. We Boisians are pleased as punch. The heart-breaking images published by the heartless cycling paparazzi or Ciclirazzi of Kristin in agony after the crash are now replaced with uplifting images of Ms. Armstrong holding her son on the podium in London. Unfortunately, we do not have the rights to any of those images.