TSH Needs You

The Unnamed Jersey

TSH needs your help and we ask this help in the form of a contest! We will be giving three prizes for whoever comes up with a name for this jersey and then writes our product listing. In a typical manner we make our jerseys from a million influences. We start with color and pattern and sometimes we switch these priorities. Names and concepts often come much later. Some names come out of the blue and some just manifest from the “working title” of communication with the factory in Italy where TSH clothes are made. For this red and blue patterned jersey we thought vintage silk scarves, maybe something french but we could never settle on a name. We just knew we loved it. We jokingly called it “pizza” and “pac-man”. But this jersey needed something else. We thought TSH fans are so smart and often have cycling blogs themselves so why not ask them? So if you write the winning title and product listing then you get one of these lovely jerseys. The second and third prize will be a Resort Sock Pack! The top three contenders will be featured in a special post!

The Rules

1. Entries must be in by February 22!

2. Jersey cannot be called Pac Man or Pizza!

3.Text must be gender neutral as this jersey will be available for everyone!

4. Two hundred to three hundred words

5. Bonus points for relating the design to film, art or positive life goals and also mentioning cycling!