Bulls Halloween

By Jennifer Haare and Becca Goesling

Illustrations By Becca Goesling

It’s Halloween and while some may be content simply enjoying candy corn Oreos and pumpkin beers at a 2:1 ratio, tonight’s true tricks and treats will be located in the United Center at the Chicago Bulls season opener against the Sacramento Kings.

Halloween, or, All Hallow’s Eve, is a night for celebrating spirits of those passed on. This night marks the end of October, the end (hopefully) of everything being orange, and also the end of the Bulls preseason.

Preseason records mean nothing, as we know. The goal is to see: is everyone ready? Is everyone healthy? Can we work together? This goes for the players and the fans (we the Heroes).

The heroes are drinking plenty of water these days. We’ve learned the daily specials and best TV locations at our local bars. For nights in, we’ve rediscovered our favorite couch positions. Some of us purchased new red and black Nike dunks. Others got the iPhone 5 to follow the latest updates on The Return of D. Rose (the inferior screen on the 4 just wasn’t cutting it). We photoshopped ourselves into team huddles and put Jet’s pizza on speed dial (we get red pepper and extra crispy black crust to show our support). Yes, the Heroes are ready.

And while we’re getting settled in for the long run, it’s important to remember that things have changed. The Nets are in Brooklyn. Lebron has a ring. Texas, where everything is bigger, welcomes James Harden’s beard.

Most importantly, we’re missing our Rose. But this Halloween night, let us not be sad. Let us celebrate and welcome the passing of the ACL injury. Let the spirit of His Airness hang in the, uh, air. Let us look out for the tricks of Deng, Noah, Boozer and the gang.

Let us enjoy the greatest treat of all: the game.