David Millar Wins Stage twelve of the 2012 TDF

Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne to Annonay Davézieux (226 kilometers)

Tenspeed Hero Presents 10 questions and 10 answers between Rebecca Gates and Jeremy Dunn

Question One

Jeremy Dunn: What has been your favorite tertiary video that you’ve discovered from this year’s Tour de France?

Rebecca Gates: Peter Sagan child red bull drinker mountain bike trickster

Question two

Rebecca Gates: There have been several notable victory salutes this year. What is your preferred move when you cross the finish line before the rest of the field?

Jeremy Dunn: Well, seeing as how I haven’t crossed the line first in a while (like, ever) I can easily say I wouldn’t know what to do. But, I was always a fan of J. Antonio Flecha’s Bow and Arrow… so I think mine (which would start before the sprint) would be me shooting an arrow from behind the peloton – sprinting by them – and then catching the proverbial arrow as I crossed the line. You dig? Sagan take note!

Question three

Jeremy Dunn: You mentioned the AG2R kit earlier today. It tends to be a controversial kit mainly because of their choice of brown shorts. What is your take on this cycling staple’s clothing? Do you have a favorite kit in this year’s peloton?

Rebecca Gates: I am PRO AG2R kit. I am also PRO the sound of their team name when said with zee proper french accent. The lack of respect towards the brown shorts is appalling. My only complaint is the genius who designed the kit has not been as prolific in updating it as I would like. Oddly, I am a fan of the Vacansoleil kit as well. I can’t explain why.

Question four

Rebecca Gates: Stage 12 included several mighty climbs. What do you imagine the riders at the back of the peloton, trying to make the cutoff, are discussing?

Jeremy Dunn: Well, Tim Johnson told me once that they really aren’t discussing anything. However, that could just be in some of the (faster) US races that he was talking about. My guess? Sandwiches. And quiche. And wine. And baguettes. And those French girls. French girls are my favorite. Well, one anyway, but that’s getting off topic…also, the new Lotto kit is awesome!

Question five

Jeremy Dunn: Bernard Hinault I know is a favorite of yours, I know you’ve run into him before (at the Coors Classic, no less). What would you say to him if you saw him today?

Rebecca Gates: “Bonjour.” or perhaps “Vous etes tres fort! J’aime votre fort personnalité et l’engagement” et aussi “Merci”. Perhaps I would tell him I was thinking of Fignon the other day.

Question six

Rebecca Gates: How much of an incentive is a home town finish for a rider? Why does it make such a difference?

Jeremy Dunn: Whoa! I have no idea. I do know that there’s so much money that goes into securing the towns as stage finish/start locations so I could see the pressure being overwhelming to say the least. How rare is it I wonder for that to happen? I do know that the French riders seemingly gain superpowers in this race, and I’m sure it’s out of Nationalistic Pride. How else would you be able to power through a sore knee to a stage win?

Question seven

Jeremy Dunn: Bradley Wiggins’ sideburns. Fashion faux pas or the way of the future? Is this a ploy to bring out his English side? To make us forget his Belgian born heritage?

Rebecca Gates: Brad is a mod. I believe he’s also a rocker, which, in old rock n roll parlance, makes him a Mocker. Which might also be what one calls his detractors. He’s so dialed in to the restrictions of the bike, his weight, the style choices posed by his team’s various sponsors, a little expression along the jawline might just be his chance to say “I’m a rebel”. Or a tip o’ the hat to Vaughters. Thx mate!

Question eight

Rebecca Gates: Do you think the Brits are riding so well because the Olympics are in London? And can we start a band called Olympic Lanes? Should it be shoegazer or punk?

Jeremy Dunn: Ha! Could be. The inside word is that the Olympics are going to be a crazy crazy time for London. It’s already happening. I definitely don’t think it’s a bad thing for them to be riding so well. An their blatant want for Gold should ensure that the race stays active and brings some much needed attention to a sport that deserves it on an Olympic Platform. I’ve never heard of Shoegazer before. It makes sense, but it’s just a weird name. So, let’s do that.

Question nine

Jeremy Dunn: David Millar won the other day. But, people were talking about the possibility that he bought out the win because no one contested him. (a crazy thing to say about anyone whos stayed in a break all day) but nevertheless an important question. With the Yellow Jersey all but locked up, do you think more of this is going to happen? And who’s going to be the next big name up there? (ed note: I was pulling hard for Vino the other day).

Rebecca Gates: One of the great pleasures of stage race fandom is learning the many aspects of the competition available for scrutiny and strategy. Points, teams, respecting El Patron, alliances. Sewed up? Hmmmm. Is a tour ever sewed up until a few days before Paris? That said, yes, the race is getting nervy and gossipy! Would today’s (*Fridays) stage winner have been in the breakaway if Hesjedal was still in the race? Mayhem and col climbs cracking! The next big name? The youngsters are creeping. I like how Pinot rides. No prediction for final podium three though.

Question ten

Rebecca Gates: Millar collapsed at the end of the stage, on the Union Jack with Obama piloting the Ten Speed Hero ‘copter overhead. What’s your tour “drama” hall of fame pose? Of this tour or all time?

Jeremy Dunn: Probably the one from Tom “put me back on my bike” Simpson. Any one. Just the thought of it makes my blood run cold. That’s the stuff of Legend right there. The sight of a limp Schleck being helicoptered puts the fear of the descending gods right in you though. Thank the heavens that one turned out ok, and the Tenspeed Copter wasn’t called in.