Tenspeed Hero Party: TDF-Tattoo EDITION

When the Heroes first ventured to France as journalists in 2009 they returned with the spoils of the Grand Boucle: polka-dot t-shirts, Caisse d’Epargne caps, Bbox keychains and giant green hands. Inspired by Velo News and Neil Rodger’s editorial pow-wows, we called a summit of our fellow Heroes in Chicago to see what editorial wisdom we could bring to the fore. Though Lance had made his thrilling and triumphant return to cycling in 2009 and garnered himself a place on the podium we realized we were already living in a post-Lance world. With this thought in mind, instead of pen and paper or chalk-boarding our future, we decided the best way to dream of what was possible for cycling journalism/blogging was an old fashioned Tour de France Tattoo Dance Party. Our next editorial meeting/party will held at Black Hunger studio in Boise Idaho on Saturday, December 3 at 6 pm. If you are in the Mountain West stop on by.