Resort Ride in California

A set of photographs of the Rawson Road Loop and the case of the missing orange shorts

A story told via occasional captions!

We arrive a 1/2 hour before sunrise in the Temecula wine country north and west of town. A old man looks out his window drinking coffee while we create track stand silhouettes against the horizon. “Who are these kids?”

Those orange shorts! Time for TSH to own up on these rare gems. We love color (including the color black) and we were thinking there must be a few boys and girls, men and women that would rock some orange team bibs. We sadly found them to be a bit thin but our CX rider Dani Arman said “I don’t care I want them.” So there you go, she wears them all the time.

If you are a follower of TSH you know we are as much about the smile on the bike as we are about the “suffering” on the bike. TSH Resort is all about the smile but you can also suffer in them too. This is a close up of our oranges jersey designed by Lauren Ayers. What you cannot see is Dani’s pockets full of two bananas and one vegan chorizo burrito. Like so many cyclists this woman loves to eat!

The Kids Love to Draft

The fun starts when you turn off of Highway 79 on to Rawson Road. This is old California when Ranches were not Ranchettes. There are moments when this road would love a cross bike and there are moments you just need to power through on your 25mm tires!

What do you do when your riding buddy, Andrew, gets three flats. You do handstands, that is what you do.

Thank You California for your beautiful roads. Thank you for still being Old California in secret places not so far off the beaten path of new california