A silent love story featuring TAYLER RAE DUBÉ and Jacob Winfield

Photography and styling by Alex Wallbaum, Aleia Murawski and Luke Batten

Emile Zola – The Debacle – Part One:

“Towards nightfall on this August evening, under an angry sky with heavy clouds, the shelter-tents stretched out and piled arms gleamed, regularly spaced along the battle front, while sentries with loaded rifles stood watch, motionless, their unseeing eyes staring out at the purple mists of the distant horizon rising from the river.”

J.D. Salinger – Catcher in the Rye – Chapter Twenty-five:

“She wouldn’t walk right next to me when we left the sea lions, but she didn’t walk too far away. She sort of walked on one side of the sidewalk and I walked on the other side. It wasn’t too gorgeous but it was better than having her walk about a mile away from me, like before.”






“There is no coffee in our cups but it doesn’t really matter does it?”