Tenspeed Hero Intern: Ria Roberts

The Tenspeed Hero Internship Program has another member we would like to introduce. Meet Ria Roberts. Her first post was on Chicago’s Lake Front Path. Please look for upcoming spring classic coverage from Ria as she ponders the highs and lows of culture, books, art and acts of teenage rebellion in Flanders. In her spare time Ria is an artist and designer, pondering her twenties during the teens of the twenty-first century.

Below we give Ria eight questions to test her left and right brain activity. It is Google-esque in a Hero-esque kind of way.

TSH: Who are you?

Intern: Ria Roberts.

TSH: Why do you want to work with Tenspeed Hero?

Intern: Mai Abbastanza and SEO.

TSH: What do you know about cycling?

Intern: [see attached photo]

TSH: Campagnolo or Shimano?

Intern: SRAM?

TSH: What comes next in this sequence? Monday, July, Saturday, October?

Intern: Art forum, Rosalind Krauss.

TSH: What type of animal did Joey on ABC’s hit television show Friends keep as a pet?

Intern: I think it’s really best to revisit the whole episode.

TSH: Pronounce Rapha?

Intern: If anyone would like to buy me the leather town gloves (tan) I
will promptly send you my shipping address.

TSH: Describe an obsolete vernacular?

Intern: Rick Perry, immediately replaced by open marriage.


TSH: Your take on Die Antwoord?

Intern: Surely the ultimate postmodern quagmire.