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Jimmy Casper Fan Van

Tenspeed Hero Fan: New totes and T-shirts

We are fans at the headquarters. Fans of our Chicago Cubbies, fans of the rowdy Blackhawks, and of course fans…

Chestnut horse

Tenspeed Hero West Update

A bloody rooster and two stray horses / Reuben the Rooster is nearing the end of his reign. Life on…

Becca Goesling

Tenspeed Hero Intern: Becca Goesling

The Tenspeed Hero Intern program has a new introduction to make. Welcome Becca Goesling to TSH headquarters. As a student…

Avocet on 2x4

Today’s Money, Yesterday’s Avocet Crank Set

Soon after discovering that ancient Palo Alto Bicycles catalog, we found these ancient Avocet cranks on a popular Internet auction….

Cork Grips For Tenspeed Hero

Cork Grips and Outfits for Heroes

By Ria Roberts and Luke Batten / Cycling is without question a highly aestheticized occupation. Cyclists are able to discuss…


Jersey Sponsors and Visualizations

Things we thought about when we made this Jersey and a Thanks to our sponsors, / by the numbers of…

Tenspeed Hero Club Jersey (Front)

The Tenspeed Hero Club Jersey

Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society. –Mark Twain / The Tenspeed Hero Club…

Helicopters and Hair

Helicopters and Hair Blowing in the Wind

Though January has past and the spring classics approach, the Heroes do not believe that the season is upon us….


On Photographers

Home (Tenspeed Hero HQ West) sick with a cold and a torn intercostal muscle. The word torn is preferred because…


Tenspeed Hero Intern: Ria Roberts

The Tenspeed Hero Internship Program has another member we would like to introduce. Meet Ria Roberts. Her first post was…

Ben Horns

Tenspeed Hero Intern: Ben Horns

Eight Questions from the Tenspeed Hero Interview with prospective Intern Ben Horns / TSH: Who Are You / Intern: Ben…


Cipo Speaks!

“His problem is Fränk and vice-versa,” he said. “How they rode the Tour de Suisse is an example of that….