Tenspeed Hero, Pon Holdings, Cervelo

Cervelo Press Release:

Thanks to everybody who commented on our message that we’re contemplating a sale of the company. To answer some of your questions, here is a bit of background. Cervélo has experienced exceptional growth and success since we started 16 years ago. A potential sale of the company allows us to continue to grow Cervélo without changing any of the things that make it special.

Cervélo will continue to be based in Toronto, with the same team of people, with the same desire to engineer the best bikes on the planet. It will stand by old products and create exciting new ones, starting with the new P5 which will be launched next month. Stay tuned.

Tenspeed Hero Press Release:

Despite rumors to the contrary Tenspeed Hero is not for sale and is in no way working with Pon Holdings. Though we have experienced only moderate growth in the last 8 months since we launched the new Tenspeed Hero we will continue to be the online cycling fanzine you have grown to love. However if we decide to sell Tenspeed Hero to Pon Holdings you will be the first to know. When we do sell we have a few requests to make sure the moderate growth continues and to be clear this does not include buying the contracts out of the last few staffers at Velo News (Sorry Neil Rogers).
Please direct your attention below:

The first thing we would like Pon Holdings to do is buy us this incredible complex somewhere near the city of Marseille. We think it would make an excellent Hero Headquarters. Please be advised that we will most likely have Gage + Desoto on the turntables and Bill Strickland serving drinks. Just imagine how many Mercedes Sprinters we can park here. Mike and Bill, you have been notified.

The last thing we need is a new BBQ. This thing is a bit small. We are hopeful in the event that Pon Holdings decides to enter an agreement that these requests will be considered.

Thank You, Tenspeed Hero