Alpaca Shearing, Tenspeed Hero West

In Boise Idaho, at Tenspeed Hero Farm (not really called that but for the sake of this post we can pretend) we experienced our first shearing. Jonathan Hero and Jenny from PR both have soft hearts where animals are concerned, so wrangling and hogtying these lovelies was not easy on anyone envolved. But to clarify, they were not technically hogtied. Alas, as the images below show, they were tied in an equally undignified manor. All evidence indicates that this process is stressful for the Alpacas. It is a very stressful 20 minutes each and then hopefully less stress while they wait for their compatriots to get sheared. But when we compair that with a hot summer in Boise, Idaho, and with all that hair (the warmest, softest hair on the market), it eases our aching hearts. Simply put, it is for their own good.

This being the first year and with but four Alpacas, the yield just short of enough to start a fiber empire. But perhaps in the future we can expect Tenspeed Hero Alpaca Socks, caps and jerseys. Oh, and arm warmers and knee warmers.