Bits of a Summer Collection

Today we release several new pieces for women and men. Via occasional captions we offer an occasional anecdote, a design notation and even an occaisional sock color suggestion for all the kinds of cycling you do!

The Kaleidoscope Jersey For Women

Kaleidoscopes create totally unique patterns for each of their viewers. Derived from the Greek word for beauty and form, they are the perfect mix of magic and science, rationality and irrationality, planning and improvisation. For each viewer, Kaleidoscopes form a new pattern by way of light, hand movements, and mirrored reflections. Our good friend Lea paired them with our yellow Glanum socks and yes they look beautiful together!

Men’s Hex-A-Gon Jersey

We developed + designed this jersey for some gentlemen in Seattle racing in Cat 1/2 field. It features a new pattern with longer sleeves and some micro mesh fabrics on the arms + side panels that we absolutely love. Our concept in utilizing the hexagon at opposing angles was to represent individual units (riders) who strive to form an unbreakable bond (team) through riding, training and racing. This jersey is très limited edition and one our favorite designs for this season.

Intelligentsia Coffee – Tenspeed Hero Cycling Cap

Can this cap be a few things at once? Yes, OK? So first it is a cap we made for Intelligentsia Coffee and specifically for their Men’s Team based in Chicago. It keeps the sun off your head and eyes. Its most important feature you will discover by flipping the bill then make direct eye contact with your best friend or crush. They will know its time to scram and have a coffee at your favorite cafe.

Men’s Tenspeed Hero Summer Club

This minimal, color blocked jersey has been designed with summer’s hottest days in mind. Starting with a new pattern, we combined Cold Black fabric, High Wicking Mesh, and Light Weight Lycra; we like to think of this as the highly technical (and a little more revealing) sibling to our Stealth Club Jersey. We have utilized Cold Black technology to cover the entirety of the back of this jersey, which protects from the sun – as well as keeps you considerably cooler than normal lycra. Touch it! It feels cool. The front (where the real panache is hidden) is made of light weight, High Wicking mesh.

Tenspeed Hero Women’s Short

Adding to our short inventory are these of the bib-less variety. Features include a high waist, an ergonomic cut, 77mm thigh-compression bands, flat lock stitching and much loved Team chamois. Basically they have all the features of the nicest shorts + a few extras and they are absurdly comfortable.

TSH LOGO Team Bibs

These are our top of the line bib shorts, with a new & simplified TSH rubberized logo. Redesigned with comfy and breathable 11-8 mm chamois, and titanium mesh bib straps aligned with thermo-taped piping for a second skin like feel, these shorts will outfit your longest ride yet while also fomenting an adventurous mindset.


We made these black and blue socks for the Intelligentsia Cycling Team. The men’s masters team are known locally and nationally as total crushers and good guys. We at TSH like them for drinking Americano-s but we have also been know to show them off at airports when the TSA asks us to slip off our shoes. So roll up you cuffs this summer and show the world your star spangled ankles.

Tenspeed Hero Summer Stealth Sock

We put our summer stealth socks in the store a month ago but we did not give them the send off they deserve! They have a continuous weave from color to color and are light and cool for summer riding!