Paris Paris Paris PHOTO!

Luke Batten, co-founder of this fanzine + store was in France this November to be on a panel discussion entitled An Encyclopedic Fantasy for Paris Photo. It was an amazing opportunity to speak about the idea of creative narratives, fictional histories and the power of archives (real and fictional) in our lives. The panel was part of the Paris Photo Platform organized by Chantal Pontbriand and featured moderator Elena Sorokina, artist and gentlemen Joan Fontcuberta and the incredible french art duo Louise Hervé and Chloé Maillet. You can watch the video of the panel discussion here and if you have a chance to see their work in person please do. You will not be disappointed.

Afterwords we met up with our friends Elsa, Tristan and Maud to construct some histories of two La Girafe Sportive Socks that did not make it to France on our last visit. Yes they live in the Lauren Ayers Sock pack but they did not have and individual life in the store and were not yet named. Being budget minded we could not fly back to France to just name two socks so we had to wait for this lecture. So here is a little photo essay of that day! We walked around the École des Beaux-Arts, wandered the hallways, took some pictures, and later got kicked out for taking said pictures in an art school! Go figure! But Tristan saw Tilda Swinton in public! So here are three cheers to the holiday season, writing poems and assigning names to socks!

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