Hero Headquarters

After a year of running this online cycling journal we present to you the plans of our future based upon the simplicity of our past


On the banks of the Boise river in southern Idaho three Tenspeed Heroes built a fort made of tumble weeds and grass held up by birch branches. In a tin box buried 16 inched below the sod floor contained one Penthouse Forum, some matches and half of a candle. Modern Huck Finns we were.


Tenspeed Hero Friends Julia and Sarah used old yarn given to them by their grandmother to create a series of virtual hideaways in the forest behind their home. Three strands of yarn represented a wall. Two strands could make up a doorway. In all, a compound of several rooms was built for reading, playing and hiding. After several years local birds could be seen building nests from the forgotten remains. Robins and sparrows sang songs of colored strands in the morning light.


After watching a local bike race near Dartmoor, out of curiousity, the Tenspeed Heroes traveled to the tomb of Trethevy Quoit. We arrived by car. The only security for this Neolithic masterpiece was a sleeping pensioner in his house some 150 feet away. It was late and so we hopped the simple fence and laid out our sleeping bags on the flattest piece of ground we could find near these beautiful stones. We found our HQ if for only a night.


Tenspeed Hero Intern (Claire) created a cardboard octagon made up of Refrigerator boxes near the college ghetto where she lives. They called it Fort Friendship. All who entered carved their names in to the wall and the only view was through a four-paned window roughly 16 x 20 inches large. Fort Friendship prompted Claire to write her first letter to a friend 3000 miles away. This was the reason we hired her to work at Tenspeed Hero.


Tenspeed Hero Intern (Becca) created a Fjord made up of two bunk beds and a couple blankets. Mattresses from the top bunk are thrown between the two beds creating a comfortable space to relax and talk. Wine jugs, Best Coast and a record player could be found as well as markers and coffee filters for flower making crafts. The lovely coffee filter flowers might have been given to someone for Mother’s day.


Luke Hero and Becca Hero start designing Hero Headquarters. On this Alpine site the blog posts will be written, socks and t-shirts shipped, Connect-4 played and the Tour De France watched. Amenities to be included in this 4 story whereabouts: Bike Shrine, Chicken Coop, Helicopter Pad, Salsa Bar, Ellsworth Kelly Collection, Artemide Lighting, Derrick Rose Adidas Shoe collection, and of course a swimming pool. On this foundation we re-kindle our desire for great things.