Tenspeed Hero Fan: New totes and T-shirts

We are fans at the headquarters. Fans of our Chicago Cubbies, fans of the rowdy Blackhawks, and of course fans of all things basketball (though our love for the Bulls rules all). However, we have noticed something may be missing from our fandom. Yes, that is correct, a giant fan bus to praise the stars whom we have come to watch. And in what sport, you may ask, is this even an option? Cycling, obviously. Cycling is the one sport that allows the fans to determine where, when and how respect will be paid to the athletes. Written on your chest? Why not. Tied to your flag? Yep. Wrapped around your bus? Most definitely.

We were thoroughly impressed with this vehicle-sized declaration of fandom for Jimmy Casper. Not only for the obvious passion shown, but also for the incredible composition and use of text. After examining those three capital letters, bold underline, and tilted orientation it was clear that this display was more than endearing, it was inspiring. All present heroes knew immediately that we must honor this creation. After much consideration we agreed that locating and painting a van would be an extraordinarily large task so we began to brainstorm. How else could we exhibit our fan inspired monument to the universe? Perhaps through a new Tote and Tee fandom series.


The word “tote” has many meanings. It could refer to the British bookmaker, the act of carrying a heavy weight, or the psychological abbreviation for “Test-operate-test-exit.” However, none of these are what we hope to convey when we say tote. Rather, we are more focused on the simple tote bag. Green canvas, white letters, perfect for your every need (no, not to carry that leftover soup, you will make a mess). So pack up your well-sealed medium sized objects, toss them in this bold tote bag, and show off both your Tenspeed Hero pride and your appreciation to all the worldwide cycling fans with medium sized vans and an eye for composition.


Heroes span across a vast amount of land, cultures, and divvy into sectors of all ages and styles. Fans watch cyclists ride by in the open space of the outdoors. It is these fans, these heroes, who have the ability to show their pride in cycling in their own way and space. Here at Hero Headquarters, we have come up with a new t-shirt that encapsulates, in a simple way, what it means to be a cycling aficionado.

Whether watching a race, or meeting your long-lost cousin for the first time, display your cycling fandom through a black, white or grey cotton t-shirt with “tenspeed hero” written horizontally across your chest and “fan” written slightly to the right on a diagonal, underlined once. For the 16-year-old heroes: we advise you to wear this during gym class to rebel against the endless laps you have to run when you could be biking instead. 18-year old heroes: we advise you to wear this under your graduation robes as a celebration of escaping the viper pit that high school so often is. Unzip them slightly to reveal your inner hero before walking across the stage. For the 20-30 year-old heroes: wear on the plane ride to your much-needed vacation. You never know when or where you might meet other heroes. For the 40-50 year-old hero: wear on weekends around gatherings of friends or family parties to flaunt your hero style. For over 60 heroes: please wear anytime. Once again, we will be honored each time you do. Inspired by the same means of the tote bag, now there is a way to emphasize you are a hero, you are a fan, and you are cycling.

Available in the store next week.