Tenspeed Hero Intern: Ben Horns

Eight Questions from the Tenspeed Hero Interview with prospective Intern
Ben Horns

TSH: Who Are You

Intern: Ben Horns

TSH: Why do you want to work with Tenspeed Hero?

Intern: I never really wanted to. But in this economy, you take what you can get. (Laughter)

TSH: What do you know about cycling?

Intern: Like most people, I started cycling when I was a kid. Unlike most people, I never stopped. I am familiar with various styles of bicycles: recumbent, non-recumbent (my personal favorite), and semi-recumbent.

TSH: Campagnolo or Shimano?

Intern: I don’t drink coffee.

TSH: What do you think Ivy Blue Carter’s first single will be called?

Intern: Are you telling me Beyonce Carter had her baby?!?!

TSH: Please answer the question.

Intern: Oh. I don’t know, something about poop?

TSH: Panopticon?

Intern: I know that many prisons were inspired by Bentham’s Panopticon but I tend to agree with prevailing thought that no prison is a true Panopticon. I used to fish for lingcod in Northern California within view of Pelican Bay State Penitentiary. I recall being reminded of the Panpticon at the time.

TSH: Pronounce Wilier?

Intern: Villy-er.

TSH: Feelings about the loss of Emeka Ojukwu
Intern: My mother and I cried over our morning oatmeal when we read that. We have no Ibo blood in our family but the Horns have traditionally been Ibo sympathetic if you will. Not surprisingly, in a country where the army is consistently one of the strongest “public” institutions, and let’s be honest, one of the only public institutions, one coup follows another. General Ojukwu was not immune to the seductions of power. But I believe his intentions were good. He just did not know when to surrender.

TSH: How would you solve the Euro crisis?

Intern: I hate to be a party pooper but I think it was a failed experiment. Nice try guys, but time to go back to the Drachma, the Lira, the Ducat, those little satchels of gold hanging from a leather thong at your waste, and Doubloons.

Intern: Don’t ask me about the fall of the iron curtain. Just don’t.