Helicopters and Hair Blowing in the Wind

Though January has past and the spring classics approach, the Heroes do not believe that the season is upon us. We know and we hope there will be a time when helicopters buzz down alpine valleys and blonde locks twist and tumble in the wind, but we must preserve some sanity, as winters are long in the upper Midwest. It is better to be cautious in our outlook as it makes it easier to lace the boots every morning.

It is true, in Argentina, American Levi Leipheimer has notched his first win and Master Boonen made it to the front of the line of the Tour de San Luis, but most clubs and teams in America are still putting on base miles for their emergence in March and April. We Heroes thought it best to give you Heroes a little gallery on this fine Monday on the lean side of January. Call it what you wish, we refer to it as Choppers and Curls, over morning espresso and toast.